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About ShoppyDeals

What is ShoppyDeals? is a news blog and shopping advice for your online purchases, it is also the Number 1 European Marketplace on sales commissions for affiliate merchants in short an E commerce site and a community of eShop partners or find the best deals and low prices on the internet.

The ShoppyDeals Community

Thanks to small and medium-sized businesses and artisans around the world selling their products on the Shoppydeals marketplace, we can guarantee a wide selection of products, providing more options for our customers to meet their desire for lower prices without sacrificing the quality.

ShoppyDeals France: Our commitments for the climate is very involved in the battle of climate change indeed 1% of our income is devoted to the elimination of carbon dioxide, we are involved and we support sustainable development: it's good for our activities, the planet, our customers and our community.

about shoppydeals

Buying online: the power of the community!

There is a strong community of millions of successful small businesses in Europe that collectively represent a multi-billion euro market.

Despite this strong community, these companies do not fight on equal terms with the giants of global distribution on the internet and the reasons are many: high commissions, technological barriers, commercial & advertising monopoly..

The idea is simple to fight on equal terms against the behemoths of the WEB and their monopoly on sellers and buyers, offers itself as a credible and powerful alternative thanks to its commitment to fair trade that preserves the planet

This ambitious goal we do not do it alone but thanks to a community of buyers and sellers who share the same values as us!

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And we're just getting started

We created community in 2019 at the start as a site of E-Commerce and we have evolved over the years towards a Fair Marketplace and a news blog on E-commerce and Shopping.

The world has changed a lot over the past few years as the impact of the pandemic has rippled through our daily lives. Causing disruption on an unprecedented scale, the crisis has forced a re-examination of what matters most in our society.

Today, as we look to the future, we are excited to help build a better future for ourselves, our communities and the planet.

Our ambition to make Shoppy Deals an alternative marketplace where consumers discover their next favorites from independent brands and fairly paid local merchants while dedicating a fraction of online sales revenue towards carbon-eliminating technologies.

It's good for business and it's good for the planet.

About Shoppydeals

Company values

Serve our community

We are driven every day to help our partners succeed against competitors a million times their size, and we fight hard to help them deliver the best for our buyers.

A commitment to values

We care deeply about striking the right balance between our fair trade values and the day-to-day running of a business that is meant to be successful and competitive.

Live the adventure

the adventure Shoppydeals France was born from an entrepreneurial vision.

Show kindness

We are eager to help our communities, to share openly and to celebrate different perspectives.

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Shoppydeals Ltd.

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Contact form here or contact Shoppy Deals France by Email: co*****@sh**********.fr

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