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General questions

How do I login to my eShop?

As soon as you have submitted your registration form, you will receive your identifiers to connect to your seller space, go to the “Settings” section then “Your personal and banking data” and “Connection parameters” and you will find your API connection settings.

Why do I have a guarantee reserve?

This guarantee reserve aims to cover all financial risks that may occur on your account. This protective measure, in the event of a stoppage of activity or a significant slowdown, will ensure and manage your financial flows more calmly.
The dedicated amount is calculated on your sales flows and takes on any risk of debit coming either from invoicing inherent to your activity, or from customer reimbursements within the framework of after-sales service. The amount can be reviewed regularly with repayment to your payment account in the event of a reduction in the amount.

What are my tax and social obligations as a seller to private or professional customers?

Whether your customers are professionals or individuals, the income generated through Shoppydeals Marketplace must be declared to the tax authorities.
In addition, income is subject to social security contributions and results in affiliation to a social security scheme.
We invite you to read the sheets put in place by the administrations in order to know the rules applicable to the declaration of income, the declaration of activity and the payment of social security contributions:
Tax obligations:
Social obligations:
These obligations apply to platform users residing in France or who carry out sales or services in France within the meaning of Articles 258 to 259 D of the French General Tax Code.
In the event of breach of these obligations, we remind you that you will incur penalties.
This is a simple reminder of your obligations. If necessary, we invite you to contact professionals who can support you in complying with your legal obligations.

How do I set my shipping country?

The configuration must be done in your seller space. All of your orders must be made from the country you wish to choose as the country of dispatch. If you ship from several countries, you must set the country with the longest shipping time (ex: you ship 90% from France and 10% from China, you must declare China as the shipping country).
You can set your shipping country in the "Settings" tab of your seller space, then select "Your personal and bank details" from the drop-down menu. When you are on this page then select the "Commercial information" tab, on this page a section is dedicated to the settings of the country of dispatch.

Why are customer reviews important?

Customer ratings allow you to collect opinions on your store and thus reassure future buyers. Customers are strongly encouraged to leave ratings and reviews after placing an order with partner sellers.

How to handle a complaint?

You have a guide detailing the buyer-seller relationship in your seller space.
In the case of a sale to a professional customer, the latter does not benefit from a withdrawal period. The return policy is therefore at the discretion of the professional seller.

How to manage my orders?

When a customer places an order for one of your products, you are notified by email of the order. You must then process it within 2 working days. You can easily manage your orders (accept or refuse an order, manage refunds, confirm the shipment of products, process customer requests and complaints, etc.) via the "Orders" tab of your Seller space, or via the API .

What is the seller space?

The seller interface allows you to manage all of your operations on the Shoppydeals Marketplace:
– Creation and customization of your eShop on Shoppydeals
– Catalog management (integration of products for sale in the Cdiscount catalog and updating of your stocks)
– Management of orders placed by customers
– Monitoring of your key indicators
– Customer relationship management
– Accounting follow-up (invoicing and payments)
– Fulfillment activity tracking

How am I paid?

Shoppydeals charges the customer once the order is accepted by you. As soon as the sale is made and shipment confirmed, Shoppydeals pays out the earnings every 10 days.
To receive payment for your sales, you must: 
– Have provided valid bank details when you register.
– Have a positive account balance, minus any customer reimbursements caused by complaints and the amount of subscriptions due, services taken out and the amount withheld under the guarantee reserve.
Please note that at the first communication of the bank account details or following a change in these, the date of payment may be delayed by a maximum of 20 days.
We pay you the amount of the order, postage and management fees included, from which we deduct the commission. Payments are made by bank transfer.

How do I end my ShoppyDeals Marketplace subscription?

You can end your subscription at any time, registration does not require any commitment. Contact us through your Seller Center to terminate your account. The termination takes effect at the end of the current month.
Please note that your Seller Space remains accessible for 3 months, during which you must continue to manage the relationship with your customers.

Can I sell only to individuals?

If you want to sell only to individuals, simply uncheck the option to publish your offers in the subscriptions section of your store settings.

What are the pricing conditions to be a professional seller?

Annual subscription eShop packs are available from *€45.99 before tax to sell to our private and professional customers on
Your subscription will take effect as soon as you complete the registration process.
Shoppydeals also takes a commission on each sale made on the site, the rate of which depends on the product category concerned. (See the Rates tab)
Your payment will therefore consist of:
– Payment of sales
– Deduction of commissions
= Payment of the balance.
Shoppydeals also offers "Premium Subscriptions" allowing access to additional services to increase the visibility of your offers and reach a wider audience with lower sales commissions. You will find here information about these Premium Subscriptions.

How do I put my products on sale?

As soon as you have submitted your registration form, you will be able to download your product catalog and/or your offers in your sales area.
All you have to do is fill in your available stocks, the condition of the products (new or used) and set your selling prices yourself. Once your registration has been validated and your account activated, you publish your offers, they appear on the website and are visible to customers.
You can do everything from your Seller Space or go through our API.

What products can I sell?

You can sell everything except certain categories of products such as weapons, prohibited products or products inciting hatred... For more information, contact our services here or check out our blog selling on ShoppyDeals here

How am I supported when I start on Shoppydeals Marketplace?

First, an account manager accompanies you during your first month to familiarize you with how our marketplace works. In addition to this, our seller support can be reached by phone or through a request system from your seller space. We also provide you with webinars led by our teams and online help articles.

How do I register and create my professional seller account?

It's very simple, register by choosing the tab "I am a seller" then you just have to follow the registration form which is available on this link.

What are my commitments when I sell on Shoppydeals Marketplace?

To guarantee customers a quality of service at the same level as that currently offered by Shoppydeals, sellers commit to a certain number of elements and must meet quality indicators available at any time on the Seller Space.

What is Shoppydeals Marketplace?

Shoppydeals Marketplace is a marketplace that allows professional sellers to sell their new or used products to individual or professional buyers on the website.

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