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What are the best bluetooth headphones?

Music lovers, wireless bluetooth headphones accompany you in an experience rich in emotions thanks to exceptional sound.

These days, headphones offer you to block out outside noise with the help of its active noise reduction technology.

Take your pick of wireless Bluetooth headphones from top brands such as Sony, Beats, at Shoppydeals.

Bluetooth headsets on Shoppydeals

Apple AirPods Max

The helmet as you know it has been completely redesigned. From the cushions to the top of the headband, AirPods Max are designed to fit snugly on all head shapes to provide optimal sound isolation. Enough to fully immerse yourself in sound.

Bluetooth headsets - Shoppydeals

AirPods Max combine high-fidelity sound with the best Active Noise Cancellation technology on the market, to guarantee you an unparalleled listening experience. Every part of their proprietary transducer works to produce sound with minimal distortion across the entire audible spectrum. From rich, deep bass to clean, crisp highs and crisp mids, you'll hear every note with a feeling of clarity like never before.

Bluetooth headsets - Shoppydeals

BOSE QuietComfort 45 Acoustic Noise Reduction OE Black

Bluetooth headsets - Shoppydeals

That's the power of the Bose QuietComfort® headphones: class-leading noise reduction, optimal audio performance and absolute comfort. With adjustable EQ, you can customize the sound of your music and let the magic happen.

More music, while staying tuned.

Aware Mode retains some of the noise from the outside world for when you need to perceive your surroundings, balancing your music with the world around you.

Bluetooth headsets - Shoppydeals

Bose 700 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

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Powerful Adaptive Noise Cancellation – with an environmental awareness mode for when you want to hear what's going on around you. High fidelity sound with adjustable equalizer lets you adjust the music to your preference. Unparalleled quality voice capture for crystal clear calls. And protein leather cushions for all-day comfort. Everything you expect from a wireless Bluetooth headset… only better!

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Our exclusive Active Noise Cancellation technology uses microphones inside and outside the headphones to analyze surrounding sounds and instantly produce an opposing signal to cancel them out. What's more, with adjustable noise reduction, you choose whether you want to hear your surroundings completely, a little, or not at all. The icing on the cake, the Conversation mode allows you to adjust the noise reduction and pause your music to converse quietly, simultaneously.

sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

The WH-1000XM5 Noise Canceling Headphones reinvent distraction-free listening and call clarity, with dual processors controlling eight microphones, automatic noise canceling optimization according to environment and usage conditions, and a specially designed diaphragm.

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