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They are called,, UFC Que Choisir, 60 million of consumers and incidentally Trustpilot France they all claim to be engaged in consumer prevention except that the reality of the practices that you will see in this ShoppyDeals Review section is very different from fair play business practises.


First, we will present to you the unfair practices of and, the two sites of the company HERETIC SAS domiciled in Troyes in France.

They present themselves as internet vigilantes and kind content hosts making their reporting platform available for free to consumers.

Reality : A well-crafted advertising scam because on each report of scams on Signal-scams or evaluation of the confidence index of a website on Scamdoc, mother Society HERETIC SAS reap huge advertising revenues on the backs of their users.

To put it simply, it's as if Robin Hood was stealing from the cash register 🙂

There is nothing wrong with making money through your commercial company except that in this case you are in a mix of genres that are not very ethical and misleading commercial practices L121-3 of the consumer code.

Besides, French justice has already pinned down the practices of the company HERETIC SAS three times :

Then a small overview of their unfair practices by the screenshots below which say a lot about the level of ethics and professionalism of the ambitious founders Anthony Legros andJean Baptiste Boisseau.

Decryption: Sponsored links and paid ads at Google France by the Society HERETIC SAS and its founders to take revenge on the one hand for the highlighting of their advertising business on the backs of E-merchants and on the other hand this constitutes a very lucrative investment which will quickly be profitable by the diversion of Google searches to their websites and in order to introduce consumers to their own advertisers and receive compensation for this business.

In short, unfair practices of irresponsible revenge, assumed offenders and certainly not serious websites that want to warn consumers.

False advertising scamdoc false advertising
Signal false advertising scams 2 False Advertising

If you are an E-trader and want to join the petition of the victims of this unfair business, follow the following link:à-la-diffamation-de-signal-arnaques-scamdoc-%EF%B8%8F


In the case of the association UFC Que Choisir, we noted with horror the practices of Cyril BROSSET, an activist journalist employed by this association whose methods have nothing to envy to the worst thugs...

  • Manufacture of false consumer complaints
  • Cyber harassment
  • Denigration
  • Threats & intimidation
  • false advertising

A non-exhaustive overview of practices unfair of this alleged “journalist” who seems to have serious problems of respect for ethics and deontology in his profession.

Below is the purchase of a sponsored link at Google France and keywords associated with the marketplace of course with the money of the members of the association UFC Que Choisir!

Apparently this link is used to sell the comparisons for the electric heaters made by the UFC teams by using the domain name of without authorization for commercial purposes but for Cyril BROSSET the intellectual property is only a detail with which he does not bother!

The worst by clicking on the link of this advertisement remember the bought with the money of the members ofUFC Que Choisir, Cyril BROSSET the sulphurous journalist redirects you to the link of an article charging against the website and not to a comparison of radiators!

Violation of intellectual property, false advertising towards the members of his own association and this is only a tiny part of the villainous excesses of this shame of activism and journalism that is Cyril BROSSET!

A picture is worth more than 1000 words is what a respectable consumer association should stoop to false advertising to sell more subscriptions or tolerate such villainous practices within it!

If you want to learn more about the villainous practices of Cyril BROSSET of UFC What to Choose Click here

UFC Que Choisir false advertising
UFC Que Choisir false advertising

Cyril BROSSET who is behind this misleading advertising engages UFC Que Choisir his employer in these dirty tricks and his obvious lack of professionalism and ethics, he seems to have set up an unofficial partnership with the managers of the company HERETIC, publisher of the sites Signal-Arnaques & Scamdoc because it is found in all the bad buzz operations set up by the latter against the detractors of their methods.

We understand better why a journalist who has been a graduate for more than a decade ends up as a perfume and delivery time tester on UFC Que Choisir instead of becoming a great reporter or a journalist recognized by his peers for his rigour.

Far be it from us to belittle this poor gentleman, even if he did worse against the manager of Shoppydeals France (uninhibited racism, misogyny, harassment, even his three-year-old child was threatened..)

In short, justice will do its job, however, there is no just sub-job of men and women who do their job badly, but reading the article below by clicking on the image you will understand the villainous actions of this alleged journalist assigned to the Defense of consumers and why we are issuing a public alert on these actions.

UFC Que Choisir , Cyril Brosset journalist, shoppydeals review
UFC Que Choisir questionable practices of web 2.O forums,

A respectable association subsidized largely by the taxpayer should not do that!

UFC What To Choose Grant
UFC What To Choose Grant

It should not otherwise tolerate such practices within its ranks or have dubious positive opinions on Trustpilot! to give the illusion of a perfect service to sell more magazines to the consumers and to make it its principal activity those who want to give examples of morality to all as regards misleading commercial practices!

It is clear that it has become a business like any other with the label “consumer protection” and with the money of the consumers without wanting to be bad language it would seem in view of the practices observed that the +30 million euros in turnover carried out according to their declaration of annual accounts made them forget their basic prerogative as an association.

UFC Que Choisir has completely lost control of these WEB 2.0 consumer forums


60 million consumers & UFC Que Choisir are tearing themselves apart to obtain the monopoly of e-reputational pressure on companies… The pretext? Inform and protect the consumer. We can speak of a pretext because today, the editorial line of the 2 media is completely adrift..

60 MDCs, one of these champions of tracking down crooks and scammers (companies) is not absolutely beyond reproach… If the criticism is true, each of our companies is ready to make amends, to question themselves, to make evolve its products… But at least that it is by organisms giving the example of good conduct. However, this is far from the case: Indeed, for many years the Court of Auditors has been pointing out the management excesses of the National Consumer Institute!

We can even speak of a ludicrous situation, since the organization whose very essence is to criticize the products and services of OUR French companies, does so – badly – with OUR TAXES, therefore our hard-earned money. Do you want evidence ? Here it is:

Extract from the report of the Court of Auditors of 2016: (Read the report here)

“A precarious financial balance, insufficiently rigorous management The financial situation of the INC has been characterized for several years by a drop in its income (-13 %), which fell from €14.8 million in 2010 to €12.9 million in 2015. The magazine's turnover fell by €1.7 million between 2010 and 2014 (respectively €9.7 million and €8 million) before rising to €9.2 million in 2015.”

To carry out its missions, the INC which publishes 60 million has a subsidy paid by the DGCCRF within the framework of the annual agreement of objectives and means, which amounted to 4.37 M€54 in 2020, including €908,000 for the CTRC/SRA.

All this to post fake consumer complaints ignoring requests to take down illegal content from companies like and have a mediocre reputation even among its own users!

60 million Trustpilot consumer reviews
60 million Trustpilot consumer reviews
60 million Trustpilot consumer reviews

The scene is set, we are indeed in France… With a private sector bludgeoned by taxes and compulsory levies and part of the “government booty” of which is allocated to this type of public structure – it must be remembered – whose purpose is a weakening of the economic fabric, yet already quite badly affected elsewhere... Couldn't we call that "shooting ourselves in the foot"?

Of course not, it's only a joke. Bad, certainly, but a joke, carried by the arrogance and the certainties of those who have perhaps never worked and thus think that, as in the time of the serfs, contractors are to be worked at will and replaceable in the event of "death". 'extinction "…

There must be some who work if we give them the opportunity to do so so that others can have fun with taxpayers' money...


Historical review platforms like Trustpilot France and associations like UFC Que Choisir and 60 million consumers instead of serving as a model of ethics and professionalism and presenting a new and virtuous business model for managing Online Reviews that will serve their interests and those of consumers without necessarily harming jobs and E merchants are unfortunately increasingly inspired by the deviant and illegal business model of garbage and multi-condemned sites such as &

This unhealthy partnership leads today and in the future more and more to a firm and determined response e-commerce platforms like the ongoing class action against Trustpilot France and its abuses as well as the repeated judicial convictions of Signal-Arnaques and Scamdoc.

Consumer complaints and disputes against E-merchants must be verified before being published, it is no longer possible to let anyone post anything on the forums WEB 2.0 and denigrate companies with a simple email address like what has been practiced for too long on UFC What Chosenr and 60 million consumers and which leads to all the excesses mentioned above!

Moreover, it is the very meaning of article L 111-7-2 of the consumer code which provides that "Any natural or legal person whose activity consists, on a principal or ancillary basis, in collecting, moderating or disseminating online opinions from consumers is required to provide users with fair, clear and transparent information on the methods of publication and processing of online reviews”.

To start a simple mission for the direction of UFC Que Choisir and 60 million consumers reinforce the controls of their journalist moderator and if necessary sanction them because it is a question of destroyed jobs, tarnished reputation, family income in danger because everyone is not lucky enough to be subsidized handsomely by the French taxpayer!

Finally, it is urgent for its platforms to train their staff in order to stop with this unhealthy activism of some of their members which dates from another era and which consists in seeing all companies as potential crooks and scams, the majority of E-traders are small structures on a human scale and not "bastard bosses" with indecent remuneration!

In the majority of cases, this will save costs of legal proceedings, settle consumer disputes amicably and finally fulfill their mission of using the public without necessarily undermining the work of these E-traders who do not have the chance to receive a fixed salary at the end of each month thanks to the French taxpayer!

Good luck to all sellers

The ShoppyDeals Marketplace Team

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  1. Signal-scams condemned for disparaging comments

    Important: This notice was published for the first time but for some inexplicable reason was counted in the Trustpilot scam signal page without appearing to Internet users!

    By a judgment of September 21, 2022 of the Paris Commercial Court, the publisher of this site dedicated to consumer information must pay 25,000 euros for non-pecuniary damage and 10,000 euros under article 700 of the CPC to the company subject to negative comments.

    This is not the first time that Heretic SAS, the publisher of, has been condemned for having published an article or comments deemed to be denigrating with regard to companies. But the amount of the condemnation has never been so high.

    And for the first time, it must publish a judicial press release indicating the measures pronounced by the judgment on its home page.

    Also note that despite the amazing score of this company on this profile!

    Trustpilot has finally just politely noted the dubious methods for obtaining positive reviews on the Signal Scams page, in addition several reports of companies have noted the systematic deletion of their negative reviews on this profile for years!!

    In other words, Signal Arnaques' current score still does not reflect the reality of this company's activity and legal disputes and it strongly misleads consumers who think they are dealing with a serious entity that does not inform them at all. a hidden advertising business that uses them as a stepping stone to serve its financial interests only.

    This decision will set a precedent and will serve as a support for reports of abuse from other WEB 2.0 forums which practice denigration on an industrial scale such as Signal Arnaques like UFC que Choisir, whose editorial line seems to be completely adrift in terms of denigration of companies, especially the smallest ones, which have little or no means of defending themselves against such unfair practices which will just serve these platforms to sell more services, magazines and subscriptions..

    Companies have decided to assert their rights against the abusive practices of these platforms. Consumer information cannot justify all the abuses and excesses!

    This revolution in the world of websites confirms that freedom of expression and consumer information should not be used by certain sites and forums to denigrate company services and destroy jobs and investments with impunity causing harm. morale and sometimes irremediable images.

    Other procedures are in progress against Signal Arnaques on the basis of article L 111-7-2 of the consumer code which provides that "any natural or legal person whose activity consists, as a main or accessory, in collecting , to moderate or distribute online opinions from consumers is required to provide users with fair, clear and transparent information...

    Good luck to the companies that are victims of this site!

    Update following the response of the manager of Signal Aenaques on Signal scams:

    A company condemned 3 times by justice and which is in permanent denial!

    We mean by your answer that you will continue to denigrate companies and destroy as many jobs and investments as possible to make your business profitable and each company will be able to take note of this and act accordingly to defend its interests.

    The fallacious argument of the grateful consumer and the DGCRF which supports Signal-Arnaques and subsidizes you with public money, we no longer know what to expect from this structure at each of the interventions of the manager of HERETIC he uses the same prose In short, this argument no longer holds!

    At Signal scams you are not a court and you are not above the law regardless of your alleged partners (Trustpilot, UFC fraud repression or other real partner organizations or who are simply involved in the successful business of managers of Signal-scams and Scamdoc)

    A class action would be the most appropriate response against this multi-convicted site which persists and signs as well as against all its partners for a definitive closure and compensation commensurate with the damage caused past and future since the manager seems to want to continue his industrial-scale bashing activity on the Internet!

    All is said!

  2. UFC What to choose is just a cash factory for my part, I also believed in their defense of consumers until during an appointment in one of their antenna they insisted a little too much on the check of adhesion more than on the litigation which opposed me to a merchant and finally no solution except to suggest me to rot his reputation in negative opinion so that then I find myself alone to pay the damages if he decides to file a complaint.

    Go your way, they are incompetent and even harmful from what I have been able to see, fortunately I can express myself here and relate my experience Trustpilot censored me!

  3. If you have been a victim of the massive denigration site Signal Scams and alias very successful advertising business for its manager, more and more lawyers are specializing in the fight against this type of parasitic website:

  4. I realize that Trustpilot…
    I realize that you Trustpilot are not reliable at all. You are liars and you deceive consumers. I collected items with screenshots. And I will send them to the organization in charge of regulating you. You are misleading consumers. It is enough to see I make a negative opinion on the site, you erase it automatically. In addition, it was at 580 reviews, and in 1 day it passed 23 positive reviews. When we check the profiles, they are suspicious, it shows that they are people who make mass opinions for several companies. And me a reliable review made on the profile on the Trustpilot review platform, it is deleted immediately. Your practices are commercially misleading and to vomit!!! More and more consumers are complaining online that this Signal-scams company profile is protected by a corrupt employee within your establishment. Tired of your hypocritical electronic messages the fact that you do what is necessary, you never do anything. A file concerning the misleading practices of your opinions will go today to AFNOR and the DGCCRF. I will contact the press as well. My complete file on the practices observed in the profile of the Signal-Arnaques site. Basically, I just wanted to leave a review. I discovered your outrageous practices from another age. We are not in North Korea. I will not let you erase a negative review and muzzle my freedom so that the manager of this site protected by his friend employed at Trustpilot can illegally put questionable positive reviews and deceive consumers.
    Date of experience: March 02, 2022

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