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The Shoppydeals France marketplace is a distribution platform for products and services. It allows sellers to offer their products and services directly to consumers, without intermediaries. Sellers have more visibility and can sell their products faster. Consumers have access to a wide choice of products and can easily compare prices. As a result, prices are more attractive because sellers eliminate unnecessary intermediaries who sometimes profit from indecent margins thanks to commercial monopoly situations or technological entry barriers.

The ShoppyDeals Marketplace E Shop packs for businesses are fast and secure online sales store solutions on the internet hosted on our platform thanks to which our partners benefit from unlimited access to advanced promotion tools, dedicated customer support and unlimited storage space. Additionally, Shoppydeals is committed to finding the best customers for their products.


Advantages of an eShop on the ShoppyDeals Marketplace

The ShoppyDeals France Marketplace offers you the lowest commissions on the market

– Cash is the sinews of war, promote your business, your products and services online with a eShop dedicated to your business without costly investments in a complex website to maintain.

– Then if you want to sell online on the ShoppyDeals Marketplace, we guarantee you the lowest commissions on the market (4.5% on sales made for companies).

– Finally, opening your eShop on is a great tool for prospecting nationally and internationally, your content is automatically translated into several languages and accessible to millions of users around the world.

In summary, becoming a partner of the ShoppyDeals France Marketplace means accessing powerful tools to develop your sales and your e-reputation at a lower cost and sales commissions for resellers, manufacturers, wholesalers that will allow you to remain competitive in a market highly competitive world.

I am an industrialist, a manufacturer and I want to make my brand known on the ShoppyDeals Marketplace?

Yes it is possible with our solutions for professionals

  • Select the eShop business pack
  • Log in to your Marchant dashboard with your credentials.
  • Add your banner, logo, address, phone number, a description of your activity and your know-how.

We then optimize the referencing of your company page on our social networks as well as partner platforms.

Can I sell my products internationally?

Yes. Thanks to ShoppyDeals technology, your content is automatically translated into several languages, your products and services will be prospected for you on all European markets.

What is the ShoppyDeals commission structure for resellers?

At, the costs are transparent and clear: the management and creation costs of your store are accessible from 799 Euros (annual billing) plus a commission of 8.5 % per sale made for the E Shop Basic pack (only if you make sales).

How do I get paid as a reseller?

Your customers order and pay on the ShoppyDeals Marketplace. Transactions are secured by our payment platform thanks to 3D Secure then you receive your payments via your interface after confirmation of delivery by the customer, they are then automatically transferred to your bank account.

Will I have my own store as a reseller?

Yes! Customers can communicate with you from your eShop by messenger or whatsapp and browse your catalog, buy, see your opening hours, leave a review on your shop or your products, share your products on Facebook… to see what your shop will look like click this link here

What can I sell on the ShoppyDeals Marketplace?

You can sell everything except certain categories of products such as weapons, prohibited products or products inciting hatred... For more information, contact our services here or check out our blog selling on ShoppyDeals here

What do I need to create my eShop?

The process is very simple, select the eShop pack adapted to your needs, once your information and transaction have been validated, your shop is then activated, you have immediate access to your merchant dashboard. Register your products and start selling.

What happens after my registration?

Once the previous step is complete. Log in to your merchant dashboard with your username and password, all you have to do is insert your commercial information as well as your products and services.
We then take care of all the technical and security aspects and ensure the promotion of your products and services on Google  instagramFacebook,Twitter and pinterest

Find out more on our page: Sell on ShoppyDeals

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