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Sell on ShoppyDeals

Selling on the Shoppydeals Marketplace is a great way to promote your business and grow your online presence at a lower cost.(see prices)

The Shoppydeals Marketplace offers a variety of features to help sellers manage their business and maximize their profits with the best E-commerce industry standard features included in all our merchant packages.

With a Shoppydeals store, sellers can easily create product listings, manage inventory, manage orders and payments, and more.

By integrating the Shoppydeals Marketplace, sellers can easily create a strong internet presence and benefit from powerful marketing and advertising tools to promote their products and services across the globe.

Selling on ShoppyDeals what is it?

Selling on Shoppydeals is a great way to promote and sell your products and services to a wide audience on the internet through your own online store integrated with a vibrant community of international sellers.

The marketing and promotion tools provided by Shoppydeals allow you to target potential customers and convert them into paying customers.

The platform was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, no need to be a computer expert and it offers a variety of ways to help you succeed. Whatever market you are targeting, your product and service offers are available in 1 click to your international customers thanks to the artificial intelligence integrated into all our stores.

With Shoppydeals, you can more easily achieve your business goals and develop new markets thanks to the meteoric rise of online commerce.

How to sell on Shoppydeals – the steps to follow:

Here are the steps to follow to sell on Shoppydeals:

1. Create a seller account (here)

2. Configure your store

5. Manage your orders. Receive your payments

A dedicated eShop with attractive prices and intuitive management tools!

An exclusive Boutique to present your products

Explore our eShop here

Opening an eShop on ShoppyDeals offers you a series of advantages:

  • Solutions that encompass the best standard features of the e-commerce industry
  • Reduced selling costs compared to Amazon, Ebay, Etsy..
  • International visibility
  • Free and optimized Google listing

A booming market

+ 450 millionbuyers

4.3 trillion euros spent

25.7 % annual growth

The safest and most secure way to sell online at low cost.

Vpro endurance here

Sell online, hassle-free

The principle is simple: An innovative technological solution that allows sellers to create online stores to sell their products. Buyers can browse the stores and purchase the products they want

ShoppyDeals Marketplace - Sell on ShoppyDeals
ShoppyDeals Marketplace - Sell on ShoppyDeals

Selling to the international market

Cash flow is the key to success and because we believe in fair trade, we guarantee resellers the lowest commissions on the market

Sell safely

For the eShop we cover the cost of secure payment processing for all transactions.

Secure payment 132 currencies in 3D Secure, Accepted payments: Visa / Mastercard / American Express /Apple Pay / Google Pay/alipay

ShoppyDeals Marketplace - Sell on ShoppyDeals
Join the Shoppy Deals France community

Join the ShoppyDeals community

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What is the shoppydeals.fr marketplace?

Shoppydeals is a website that allows partner companies to sell their products directly to buyers on our WEB platform in complete security. Buyers can browse through the different products available for sale, read descriptions and comments from the sellers, and purchase the products they are interested in.

How can I sell my products on shoppydeals.fr?

To sell your products on shoppydeals.com, you need to create a seller account and add your products to the platform. You can add images, descriptions and prices to your products, so that buyers can find and buy them easily.

What are the fees associated with selling products on shoppydeals.fr?

Sellers must pay a commission for each sale made on shoppydeals.com. The commission fee is deducted from the selling price of the product. More details on this page here

What types of products can be sold on shoppydeals.fr?

All types of products can be sold on shoppydeals as long as they are legal and comply with the general conditions of the site.

How to create a seller account on shoppydeals.fr?

To create a seller account on Shoppydeals, go to this page here click on the tab “I am a seller” . You will then have to fill out the form with the necessary information and select your eShop pack.

What to do once you have created a seller account on Shoppydeals?

Once you have created your seller account, you need to log in to your account and start adding the products you want to sell. You can also add images and descriptions to better showcase your products.

How can buyers find my products on Shoppydeals?

Buyers can find your products using the search bar located on the site's home page. They can also browse through the different product categories to find what they are looking for. Your eShop is also accessible from the web address of your shop on Shoppydeals and on our social networks Facebook, Twitter, instagram...

How do I know if my products have been sold on shoppydeals.fr?

You can track your sales by logging into your seller account. There you will find a section “My sales” which will show you the products that have been sold and the amount of sales.

What are the delivery times on Shoppydeals?

Delivery times are determined by the sellers, but should be stated on the Shoppydeals website. Buyers can choose the shipping method (standard or express) when placing an order.