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The Marketplace ShoppyDeals is a program made for you: You are a industrial successful company that is prospecting new markets, a entrepreneur ambitious or ae Mark innovative, you want to access a European market of +450 million consumers.

Selling on ShoppyDeals what is it?

It is an e-commerce solution for businesses that encompasses the best industry standard features of e-commerce similar to Amazon, eBay, Etsy with two major advantages, very low commissions on sales and an independent shop and Shop for better visibility of merchant offers.

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A dedicated eShop for our partner merchants

eShop overview

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An eShop that offers a series of advantages:

  • Reduced selling costs compared to Amazon, Ebay, Etsy..
  • A shop dedicated to your company or your brand
  • International visibility
  • Solutions that encompass the best e-commerce industry standard features
  • Shoppy Deals Merchant Dashboard

A booming market

+ 450 millionbuyers

4.3 trillion euros spent

25.7 % annual growth

The safest and most secure way to sell in Europe at lower costs.

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Join the program in 3 simple steps:

1 – Merchant Registrations

2 – Select your E-commerce package

3 – Launching your eShop on the ShoppyDeals Marketplace

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ShoppyDeals Marketplace - Sell on ShoppyDeals

Sell online, hassle-free

The principle is simple: Bring together a community of entrepreneurs and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and make them benefit from reduced selling costs and independence thanks to a eShop dedicated within the marketplace ShoppyDeals.

Thanks to eShop our sellers remain independent and benefit from increased visibility for their products and services to fight on equal terms against the giants of international distribution.

ShoppyDeals Marketplace - Sell on ShoppyDeals

Sell internationally

Cash is the sinews of war and because we believe in fair trade, we guarantee resellers the lowest commissions on the market.

Your eShop allows you to translate your product offers into several languages and to distribute them automatically throughout European countries.

Your eShop is also accessible from your web address, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, instagram

ShoppyDeals Marketplace - Sell on ShoppyDeals

Sell safely

For the eShop we bear the secure payment processing fees for all transactions.

Our partners are also leaders in fraud prevention, when you open a eShop on our site, you can have confidence in the verification and processing of online orders thanks to the trusted infrastructure set up by ShoppyDeals.fr

Secure payment 132 currencies in 3D Secure, Payments accepted: Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Apple Pay / Google Pay / alipay

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