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Why Use Pro Sellers?

Thanks to all the pro sellers and the variety of products they offer, you can find an increasingly rich offer on ShoppyDeals, to meet all your desires and at the best price! look no further, there's everything on ShoppyDeals!

Who are they?

Our professional sellers are companies specializing in distribution. We demand a very good quality of service from our sellers, in order to guarantee you the best satisfaction. They offer you products selected by them and take care of their shipping. Some sellers choose to have their products shipped by ShoppyDeals, you can identify them by the mention “shipped by ShoppyDeals”.

How can I find out more about professional sellers?

By clicking on the name of their store, you can easily view their store on ShoppyDeals and their entire catalog. You will also find information about their sales history and customer reviews.

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How it works ?

Buying a product from a pro seller is done the same way as a ShoppyDeals product.

1 – I do my shopping as usual

Pro sellers are flagged throughout the journey as “sold by”

2 – I pay my order securely on

Shoppydeals guarantees me secure payment via its platform

3 – I am informed of the delivery status of my order by email and on my Shoppydeals customer area

4 – I rate the Pro seller on ShoppyDeals

How to contact your Pro seller?

For any questions about your order, log in to your customer account, select your order and contact your Pro seller.

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