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Shoppydeals.fr: Disturbingly drifting consumer web magazines at UFC Que Choisir!

The disintegration of our society is factual and proven.

Yet it is still just as distressing to discover that organizations and individuals supposed to inform and enlighten consumers by legal means, such as Cyril BROSSET of UFC Que Choisir, invent and implement schemes illegal for willfully harm companies and their reputation.

It is very clear that since these magazines " consumption » have developed web 2.0 forums, their initial mission to enlighten the consumer has been transformed by some zealous employees to provide everyone with a space for denouncing and lynching companies.

These forums, which are supposed to be spaces for discussion and exchange for consumers, have been transformed because of this deviant editorial line into a paradise for Troll all kinds in the preferred field of action of professional informers like the infamous Signal-Arnaques…worse, one of our marketplace sellers even had a fascist and cyber-stalker grandpa 🙂

We'll tell you the whole story...

UFC Que Choisir: From theory to observed practice, feedback from the ShoppyDeals teams.Fr

A few years ago, our teams noted forums with illegal content that appeared at regular intervals on the websites ofUFC Que Choisir of which the last named SHOPPYDEALS PROBLEM is the perfect example of the lynching forum and of online account settlement against a company and its manager by “haters” addicted to anonymity.

Illegal content present on internet forums not enough to whip a cat! all companies with a certain visibility that provide products and services online are confronted with this type of content during the exercise of their professional activity.

In practice, illegal content that damages the image and reputation of a company or brand is simply reported to the moderation department of the internet platform that hosts it, which complies with the law and proceeds to its withdrawal.

EXCEPT for UFC Que Choisir and his zealous employee Cyril BROSSET, a small Parisian chef who exercises the function of “journalist” moderator on the forums ofUFC Que Choisir for whom the code of ethics of his profession, the law, the rigor in verifying the veracity of the information he publishes on the NET and the fairness he is supposed to show are details with which he does not bother not, because it is personally involved in a public lynching operation against a company and its manager.

In short UFC Que Choisir the millionaire association » who edits the websites quechoisir.org and the forum.quechoisir.org whose the original role was to inform the consumer, to carry out surveys, tests and above all…. Comparative tests of products and services illegally sets up corporate lynching forums in order to damage their reputation and brand image, without verifying the veracity of the facts, without worrying about the jobs it could destroy, the consequences on life deprived of E-merchants because the sensational content quite simply makes it possible to sell more membership, more magazines and to boost the careers of certain employees like Cyril BROSSET.

You must certainly be thinking at this stage that we are shooting at the ambulance, that we have something to blame ourselves for, but after three years of investigation, 6 formal notices and evidence that will be presented to justice, we no longer have any doubt about the increasingly deviant editorial line of this private association and some of its members.

You will discover as this article progresses certain non-exhaustive elements which support our argument and other E-traders will be able to confirm in the comments their misadventure with the dubious practices of certain members ofUFC What To Choose.

To begin, a reminder of the law and the consumer code intended to UFC Que Choisir, a shame for a consumer association!

Reminder of the consumer code at UFC What to choose concerning its PROBLEM SHOPPYDEALS forum:

Persons who collect, moderate or distribute reviews online must provide fair, clear and transparent information about the procedures for publishing and processing reviews. (article L.111-7-2 of the Consumer Code).

However, information on the forums and publications set up by Cyril BROSSET, the somewhat overzealous employee ofUFC Que Choisir is not fair because based on intent to harm, even less clear because it is based on false consumer complaints and especially not transparent because he forgets to tell consumers these true motives for the marketplace lynching Shoppydeals.co.uk and its manager.

In short, this "journalist" moderator with dubious ethics has transformed to serve his personal interests and those of his friends the managers of Signal-Arnaques (them again), a space for discussion and free exchange set up by its employers for consumers in a real " The Commercial Court ”, where the accused the marketplace Shoppydeals.co.uk has no voice in the chapter.

In addition to the systematic denigration and the presence of illegal content en masse despite 6 formal notices to report illegal content with LRAR, in three years UFC Que Choisir is unable to provide any order number for the majority of publications on its forum, yet the illegal content is voluntarily maintained and no response has been received from their legal department to date.

It is heartbreaking to note that UFC Que Choisir, the millionaire association which is always on the front line for the media fights does not seem to pay attention to the excesses of its members against the E-merchants as long as it sells more membership and magazines.

Attention we are not saying that its fights are not useful to the community but when we are the first association in France we must have irreproachable ethics, responsible for moderation and journalists ethically above all suspicion unfortunately we have found unfair or villainous practices and a direction to absent subscribers!

What about a private association transformed into a commercial court without the possibility of recourse or right of defense!

What can be said of an association which manufactures and publishes false consumer complaints with techniques of SEO and buying keywords just to put negative content on a company's page to silence it and drive it out of business!

What about the journalist moderator of a WEB forum of”UFC Que Choisir who is personally involved in a campaign of denigration and lynching of a company and its manager through suspicious profiles that he voluntarily allows to proliferate on the forums he controls!

What about the forum SHOPPYDEALS PROBLEM or the main contributor is a cyber stalker, racist, misogynist known to our services since 2019 and reported many times to the journalist moderator ofUFC what to choose (Cyril BROSSET) which seems to accommodate this type of content for motivations and interests that relate more to the settling of personal accounts than to La Défense des consommateurs, the latter just serves as an alibi and pretext for all opportunists and careerists in all kinds to make badBuzz on the internet.

UFC Que Choisir and Cyril BROSSET: When public utility becomes public futility!

Warning the content may be shocking!

Shoppydeals.com | opinion on UFC What to choose
UFC Que Choisir: When public utility becomes public futility.

These two certainly shocking publications are only a tiny part of the content published by this sulphurous character from another century, they just allow to highlight the type of character and the ideology of the first contributor of the denigration forum SHOPPYDEALS PROBLEM who acts under the amused eye of the members ofUFC What to choose.

In short Grandpa Facho the Cyber-stalker already known to our services was the subject, at the latest news from our legal department, of a complaint for usurpation of the identity and quality of a member of cyber-defense and had already been the subject of a conviction for harassment.

Apart from his filthy language, his nauseating thoughts and his historical and memorial gaps Facho grandpa, the cyber stalker does not seem aware that the Nazis lost the war in 1945!!!

In short Cyril BROSSET the “journalist” moderator ofUFC Que Choisir made Papy facho the cyber-stalker his main contributor on the forum SHOPPYDEALS PROBLEM under the nickname KB11, a shame for the first association in France.

This is certainly not an error or an oversight (6 LRAR reports) but with a voluntary maintenance so that it transforms a consumer forum into a counter discussion on a “guys" instead of a company and invitations tocouscous" for the CEO.. and the list of denigrations and excesses is still very long.

It seems that these two characters must share the same misogyny, the same anti-corporate rage and an dubious perception on people not called Jean michel or Marie-Christine…when they are in positions of responsibility and management it is necessarily a scam …or else he must be the victim of the nasty lack of jealousy and envy 🙂

In short, you have understood, we have nothing against Jean Michel Where Marie-Christine Where Yohan Momo or Chen..but red card to the followers of an ideology of M… from another time that sows discord between peoples and pollutes the world of new technology companies on the forums of an association that existed when the majority of us were not even born..

Finished the management of international competition, the daily management of a company in line with its challenges and challenges, there was no longer a lack of e-traders What do you have to deal with haters and opportunists who want to make a career on their backs without the qualities, qualifications, ethics, self-sacrifice and risk-taking necessary for any investment 🙂

In short, the team of our startup has noted the pitiful levels of these forums ofUFC Que Choisir or we let anyone can write anything, story to make bad buzz to sell some magazines and collect membership checks on the back of the business reputation of companies and E-merchants.

In practice, apart from the fact that facho grandpa (KB11 below) is a Cyber-Stalker known to our company and its management since 2019 because present on all bashing forums under different identities :

That the latter mainly acts with complete impunity in Cyril BROSSET (UFC forum WHAT to choose) and on the latter's partner sites known for their business of denigration on an industrial scale and several times condemned as Signal-Arnaques & Scamdoc.

Consider this sulphurous character as a simple consumer who exchanges in all innocence on the forums made available to him by UFC Que Choisir :

But at that time to justify the presence of this systematic denigration against Shoppydeals.fr, the direction ofUFC Que choisir and Cyril BROSSET can you shed some light for us? on the legality of this content, that there is no intention to harm that it's just freedom of speech?

This would save us precious time issuing public alerts on these abuses with the money of the consumers it is supposed to inform and protect!


  • What does a cyber stalker, a racist and one acknowledged misogynist, in the place of first contributor in quantity on a public forum of discussion ofUFC What to choose since 2020?
  • Why does he publish the date of birth of the CEO of Shoppydeals.co.uk and their personal details on several occasions? company assets? the number of visitors to the website and that moderation allows it?
  • Why does he ask Internet users to make mass reports to blow up the payment platform and the advertising platform of Google Shopping to permanently hinder the commercial activity of Shoppydeals.fr?
  • Why is he attacking the family of the CEO of Shoppydeals, in particular her husband? why does he publish his place of birth and his date of birth? the address?
  • By what right does he allow himself to denigrate a company on 25 pages which owes him nothing, his order of 143 euros made under a false identity being fully reimbursed for two years when our teams understood the trick?
  • Why despite 6 formal notices UFC Que Choisir maintains this illegal content for nearly two years? do they take themselves for a commercial court? is this their way of defending consumers against whom exactly?

What respectable consumer association practices such methods or lets its employees have such villainous behavior just to harm!!!

We let you appreciate, not without regret, some non-exhaustive examples of the level of baseness reached by a forum of the first consumer association in France!!!

UFC Que Choisir: When public utility becomes public futility.
UFC Que Choisir: When public utility becomes public futility.
UFC Que Choisir: When public utility becomes public futility.
UFC Que Choisir: When public utility becomes public futility.
Screenshot 2021 06 21 at 01.13.31
KB11 admits the reimbursement of his order made under a false identity, yet dozens of pages of disparagements are posted on UFC Que Choisir as an execution of the threats mentioned above and his dubious ideology.
Screenshot 2021 06 21 at 01.24.57
Thanks to the pen of the journalist of Cyril Brosset who accompanied the hateful cabal of this racist anti-Semitic and Islamophobic extreme right grandpa on all the support of UFC What to choose thanks to the money of the taxpayer!

What is distressing is that the sulphurous journalist moderator of UFC Que Choisir seems to have fun with threats against a woman and a three-year-old child. We can no longer conclude that he willingly shares the racism and uninhibited anti-Semitism of KB11 (Papy Facho) in view of the many smiles he posts on this forum and the many thanks he receives!

He is still appalling to see the trash levels reached by the forum.quechoisir.org when entrusted to this type of character with dubious methods!

Did these puppets seriously think that in the era of WEB 2.0 where everything is recorded that their unfair practices would go unnoticed!

We seriously ask ourselves the question Shoppydeals.co.uk, UFC What To Choose, it's a consumer association or a delinquents landmark!

On the villainous methods of Cyril BROSSET, the journalist moderator of UFC Que Choisir

Cyril BROSSET presents himself on his public profile as a journalist employed by the association UFC what to choose. The head of their new technologies section. Specialist in Internet access providers, telephone operators, e-commerce, online scams. 

Behind these pompous titles intended to impress consumers and highlight the expertise of employees ofon the website Quechoisir.org to sell membership formulas hides a completely different, not very rosy reality.

We discovered a journalist with dubious ethics. To the appalling amateurism and the relationships and methods that are more like an organized mafia on the WEB 2.0. So many honorable members of associations and platforms supposed to inform consumers.

It must be said that with so many offenses reported above a journalist or a normally constituted human would have questioned himself WELL NO! Cyril BROSSET, Ie sulphurous UFC journalist What to choose continues his little personal crusade..

After being caught red-handed making false consumer complaints on the forum SHOPPYDEALS PROBLEM, to harbor a cyber-stalker, racist misogynist…and to have received legal notices from a lawyer as a result the response D'UFC Que Choisir It's incredible :

A business or association operating normally responds to a lawyer's report of the removal of illegal content with a letter from its legal department or its lawyer explaining either that it has done what is necessary or that it refuses to comply and explains that the content does not violate the law.

EXCEPT UFC Que Choisir and Cyril BROSSET who respond by publishing a revenge journalistic article on their “conso” magazine on the NET, an article they call “the dubious methods of shoppydeals.fr” and which is then duplicated en masse through antennas accomplices ofUFC Que Choisir to create a maximum of badbuzz on the internet against shoppydeals.fr.

Since when do we respond to a formal notice from a lawyer for the removal of illegal content when we have not respected the law with a journalistic article against the company!!!

Worse the right of reply to this article guaranteed by French law is prohibited to the team Shoppydeals France despite several requests made to UFC Que Choisir.

As a reminder, in France, the right of reply is the possibility offered by law to a person questioned in the context of a public communication (press, media, etc.) to make known his position on the subject of this questioning via the same communication medium.

According to the Court of Cassation, the right of reply " finds its basis not in the need for a response to an attack, but simply in the possibility, for a named or designated person, to make known his explanations or his protests on the circumstances and in the very conditions which caused his designation (Crim. April 28, 1932).

Practices worthy of North Korea are implemented on UFC Que Choisir WEB 2.0 forums and magazines by Cyril BROSSET, serious prefabricated accusations without serious foundations, gratuitous and at will denigration of the company and its manager, personal data thrown at everyone and the worst in all of this the impossibility of defending oneself and having the right to a fair trial in their makeshift internet tribunal.

Because just browse the forum SHOPPYDEALS PROBLEM to realize its illicit and very unprofessional nature and that it is neither more nor less than a space for the public lynching of a company and its manager for unexplained and inexplicable reasons.

We are far very far from informing and defending the consumer, except if for UFC Que choisir the denigration, diffamation, them false fabricated consumer complaints from scratch..are the new consumer defense tools.

In this case, it is urgent to stop subsidizing this millionaire association in buying magazines and memberships because it has no credibility when it tolerates and encourages such villainous and unfair practices within its ranks.

What are the consecutive costs of the systematic denigration campaign of UFC QUE CHOISIR and Cyril BROSSET?

KB11 the nickname of Papy Facho on UFC Que Choisir, explains to us in the screenshots cited above that the game between the Marketplace Shoppydeals.co.uk and UFC Que choisir is unequal (not so sure) and that the forum SHOPPYDEALS PROBLEM was seen 22,108 times!! in other words, he confirms that this forum was indeed created to make badbuzz.

However, despite 6 formal notices, a request for compensation for the image damage suffered amicably and fairly addressed to UFC Que Choisir so that they assume their responsibility and the sectarian excesses of their employees have remained a dead letter.

Clearly at UFC Que Choisir version 2022 we create commercial and image damage to companies, we drag some consumers despite themselves into the personal and career battles of their employees and we assume nothing and if the E merchant has the misfortune to claim his most basic rights and those of its customers we bring out the heavy artillery with systematic denigration on the association's WEB 2.0 forums.

The calculation of the damage in terms of loss of CA is very simple, an example for E-merchants who are victims of similar unfair practices on the part of online forums.UFC What to Choose.

Contrary to what is proudly indicated by all the vigilante horns of the NET with dubious methods, these are not as many people protected » when the comments published are FAKE.

Consumers are not protected with fabricated forums by its employees with false consumer complaints and a public lynching operation against a company and its manager without serious legal basis or court decision.

A potential buyer who reads these abusive forums and articlesUFC Que Choisir won't buy NEVER on an E-commerce site or with a sign reported on these platforms with as much rage.. Not because he believes in his pharmacies but quite simply because life is already complicated enough and he prefers to avoid any problem .

The role of any E-merchant is to guarantee its customers a pleasant and secure experience to guarantee the solvency and sustainability of its activity., turning the whole thing into a scam is only the business of new specialists in the scam business like Signal-arnaques, Scamdoc and now UFC Que Choisir who takes advantage of it commercially to sell memberships or advertising space on the backs of consumers when it comes to real scams prevention YES but not just anyhow and by anyone for the rest there is an old invention called justice.

Since when UFC Que choisir, Cyril BROSSET and his friends managers of denunciation sites and advertising business Signal-Arnaques and Scamdoc were authorized to replace French justice by breaking E commerce, who named them and gave them such prerogatives without control?

In this case, what is the use of justice if this association and its employees grant themselves the right to defame and denigrate whoever they want on the internet with impunity and destroy activities and jobs.

Who authorized this private association to permanently hinder the work of a perfectly legal E-commerce platform by using the fallacious pretext of alert and prevention?

In this case who controls UFC Que Choisir when as in the case of Shoppydeals.com it manufactures false consumer complaints, voluntarily hosts racists, misogynists and cyber-harassers on these forums.

Who will pay the following damage, UFC members What to choose logically!

Average basket HT X 150 = loss of turnover per report on UFC Que choisir

So with a forum alone saw 22,108 x 150 = 3,316,200 Euros loss of annual turnover

A journalistic mission at UFC Que Choisir misguided, transforming public utility into public futility.

When creating the forum SHOPPYDEALS PROBLEM and the “subsequent dependent article”the dubious methods of shoppydeals.fr" by Cyril BROSSET, it was never a question of protecting or defending consumers on the contrary, it was a question of parasitizing the customer service of Shoppydeals.co.uk and his E reputation so that UFC Que Choisir can sell subscriptions and magazines and the partners of Cyril BROSSET, the managers of Signal-scams.com and Scamdoc.com can have legitimacy and continue their illegal advertising business with impunity that we had denounced:

Business file of the scam of the company HERETIC SAS partner of Cyril Brosset to consult here

Image proof how an infrequent site as described in SHOPPYDEALS PROBLEM and the dubious methods of Shoppydeals.co.uk can he benefit from a commercial link paid by UFC Que Choisir at GOOGLE FRANCE history of selling magazines to 6.99 euros/month, the same unfair practices have been observed on garbage sites Signal-scams.com and scamdoc.com

Quechoisir.org when public utility becomes public futility
Quechoisir.org when public utility becomes public futility

In his incriminating articles” the dubious methods of Shoppydeals.fr' to whom the above advertisement is directed, the pen of this pseudo journalist has been put at the service of his personal interests and those of his sect of Signal-Arnaques.com the multi-condemned site.

Cyril BROSSET explains to us with his journalistic investigation work which consisted of a simple email for which he received a precise and reasoned answer from Shoppydeals France which he very honestly transformed into a threat and intimidation in front of his readers, he explains to us that '..jerome was not delivered..' but if he had done real investigative journalistic work with a minimum of rigor and ethics, he would have learned that 'Marie-christine, Paul, Vlad, Tom, Mamadou, Rachid, Yohan, Sven and thousands of others have been..

By the way, what is a journalist's code of ethics?

A journalist should be honest, fair and courageous in its efforts to gather, report and interpret information.

Finally, after months of investigation, we took note that the journalist Cyril BROSSET consumer association employee UFC Que choisir : is neither honest, even less fair and certainly not courageous.

Where does public futility begin?

Through the experience of our services with this sulphurous journalist through its web tool Quechoisir.org  and the noted passivity of its publication director Alain BAZOT who after dozens of reports received from the LRAR at his headquarters seems to accommodate the scandalous practices of his protege.

It is clear that there is a worrying shift in the editorial line of the association on their website Quechoisir.org. Indeed this association seems to be more and more inspired by the garbage forum Signal-scams.com and these founding vigilante puppets recently condemned for non-compliance with the consumer code.

With a more than appalling amateurism, they forget in passing that it is a private company that has generated millions of euros on the very lucrative segment of the scam business.

Misleading statements to consumers

We witnessed outrageous behavior characterized by a complete disregard for the law. The personal data of company directors used in illicit ways and only with the intention of harming the forums.

The use of false consumer complaints systematically on the forums of UFC Que Choisir, it must be said that all it takes is a simple email and you can denigrate anyone with guaranteed anonymity!

A partial or even partial moderation that encourages systematic denigration and insults on the forum.quechoisir.org

The worst despicable stratagem observed on the part of our services. Consists in the fact that after receipt of each formal notice from a lawyer. Or we find the offenses with conclusive elements and irrefutable proof. Dozens of pages of illegal content disappear from their forum to be put back online a few months later.

Clearly, once the teams of Quechoisir.org take their hand in the bag. They put an end to the criminal offense and then start again. Thus this villainous scheme is intended to discourage companies from abandoning their E reputation to the power of appreciation and to the court improvised by the self-proclaimed vigilantes of the forum.quechoisir.org

In summary, public futility begins when employees of the first consumer association in France, such as their head of new technologies Cyril BROSSET, behave like petty mafiosos and their irresponsible actions are covered up by their publication director Alain BAZOT, all this with WEB tools. 2.0 made available to them free of charge by the money of the members of their association.

What means does the UFC Que Choisir association use to take e-merchants hostage? 

So the journalist Cyril BROSSET as responsible for moderation on quechoisir.org and the forum.quechoisir.org has absolute control over these websites. In other words, he is the undisputed little Parisian chef and makes the WEB tool of the consumer association Quechoisir.org whatever he sees fit, in defiance of his association's code of ethics, French law on disparagement, and the offenses of misleading statements and obstruction of freedom of trade.

Corporate reputation blackmail in practice: 

Concretely for those who would like to find out about the modus operandi put in place by this corporate steamroller.

To our credit, our French platform Shoppydeals.fr was entitled to the complete formula. Dso we will use our example as a textbook case.

Step 1: Process creating a fake consumer complaint on the UFC forums what to choose 

Once the stage of identification of the company and the leaders is completed.

The self-proclaimed specialist journalist of the scam equipped with his only intimate conviction. However, it varies according to very subjective criteria. Namely its ideological and cultural affinities, its economic culture (not very developed) see its mood of the day.

Here is a searchable online example of a fake consumer complaint that we will analyze in detail: 

UFC Que Choisir: When public utility becomes public futility.

The false consumer complaint is usually placed first to open a discussion topic on the forum.quechoisir.org

It is always built with keywords and techniques of SEO to go back quickly in the “Google search results “.

First of all, from the outset and on the title of the forum, a negative reference is attached to the name of the company, in this case here “ Shoppydeals problem

  • The goal is to ensure that any Internet user who types the name of the targeted company on Google unconsciously associates it with a problem.

It follows a multitude of other negative references included in the content of the internet complaint of this supposed consumer. Words placed with care and certainly not spontaneously (neither delivered nor reimbursed, victim, odious character, injured customer, complaint, etc.).

  • The technique of placing this disparaging and negative content en masse consists of delegitimizing the legal activity of the company and indirectly conveying a message to the reader that this company is practicing an illegal activity either to scare away potential customers or to explode the litigation rate of current customers and then leave them to their fates.
  • There is even talk of an “odious character” to discredit the company as an institution and legal person in its own right.

the mention of the customer opinion platform Trustpilot France allows her to justify and validate this villainous modus operandi and to associate keywords such as NOTICE, COMPLAINT…

  • Clearly Cyril Brosset stashed behind this publication explains to Internet users that he is not alone in complaining. Finally, the victims would be very numerous. Except that these elements are false and by doing so he is illegal, but he does not care, he feels protected by his community with a more than dubious ideology!

To conclude this analysis. VYou will notice that the author of this false complaint remains very evasive on the details of his supposed unpleasant experience. at no time does it include elements justifying a real purchase experience of a good or service such as an order number for example, it just presents elements solely for the purposes of Google's algorithms.

Moreover, this goes against the consumer code concerning the publication of online reviews, yet it is an obligation within the meaning of article D. 111-17 of the Consumer Code which imposes on all online platform operator to indicate clearly and visibly, and near each notice, the date of publication as well as " the date of the consumption experience » concerned by the notice.

Summary :

After 3 formal notices and a 300-page file of illegal content found and similar to this false consumer complaint, all addressed to the publication director of UFC Que Choisir Alain Bazot by a law firm. Instead of a response from the legal department of UFC Que Choisir, our services were entitled to an attempt at intimidation by the publication of the disparaging and charging article cited above.

Worst The right of reply originally planned for the written press. and which finds its basis in thearticle 13 of the law of July 29, 1881 on the freedom of the press and which allows a person implicated in a log or a periodic writing to present his point of view has not been authorized to us despite several requests from or the drafting of this right of public response to this rogue behavior unworthy of a consumer association supposed to be irreproachable!

Legal Shoppydeals.

Step 2: Deployment of disparaging content and BAD BUZZ on the Internet.

Subsequently, once the bait has been cast into the ocean of contents of Google by the false consumer complaint. 

you have to keep the subject of discussion alive and make Badbuzz. Pfor this the pseudo journalist Cyril Brosset his dream teams and his wealthy associates under different pseudonyms participate in the lynching and systematic denigration of the targeted company and its teams.

Let us return to the aforementioned case study “Shoppydeals problem“ and browsing the 83 posts that it contains. We quickly notice that more than 90% of content with long pages is edited by two avatars BK11 (an extreme right-wing cyber stalker already known to our racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic services, in short, a nostalgic for the Third Reich) and the nickname 'intermission' which is none other than an avatar of the journalist UFC Que Choisir Cyril Brosset and his acolytes.

Step 3: Threats denigration and intimidation

By the way for more nuisance to the E reputation of Shoppydeals.fr and not being to one illegality. The ambitious journalist from UFC Que Choisir in a desperate attempt to silence us, asked the local branches toUFC Que Choisir of : (Bézier, Bas RHIN and Haute Vienne, artois) to come to his aid and mass publish his article with denigrating and illicit content.

And the best or the worst for the end. Indeed our services have discovered with horror after the formal notice of the council of Shoppydeals. Explicit death and assault threats against our CEO. Available on the platform Signal-Arnaques.com which belongs to the guignols vigilantes of HERETIC SAS Antony LEGROS and John Baptist Boisseau the partners of Cyril Brosset the journalist or the thug ofUFC Que choisir we don't really know how to qualify it all this to sell advertising space!!!

UFC Que Choisir signal scams

Reminder of the law to UFC Que Choisir on online Customer Reviews:

A reminder of the articles of law on customer reviews. II seems like UFC what to choose is badly needed to correct its drifting editorial line.

According to National Consumer Council (opinion of February 23, 2017 on online reviews). .This free functionality “must be easily accessible, by any appropriate means, near the notice. The feature allows those responsible for the products or services affected by the questionable review to explain the reasons for the report. 

With respect to the qualification of reviews, a review is not authentic when:

  • it does not correspond to the definition of online review given by article D.111-6 of the Consumer Code. That's to say :
  • when the person writing the review presents himself as a consumer. While it is not a consumer.
  • when the person writing the review has not had a consumer experience (according to the National Consumer Council, the review may concern a product, a service, a point of sale, a place of exercise or of activity, a website or a work (opinion of the National Consumer Council of February 23, 2017 on online reviews)
  • whether the person has had a consumption experience. But it does not provide qualitative or quantitative information on its consumption experience.
  •  it is abusive, it is likely to interfere with the activity of the product and service manager (report L. Belot Doc. Ass. nat. 3399 of 15 01 2016, p.15), i.e.:
  • when the notice has been published for a consideration that is not reported (C. consum. art. D.111-17);
  • when the review is disparaging or offensive;
  • when the opinion does not correspond to reality;
  • when it no longer corresponds to reality (old opinion). »

The opinion of Shoppydeals.fr on the unfair practices of UFC Que Choisir

Taking companies' after-sales services hostage is a priority target for new specialists in the scam business because it is financially very profitable and it does not require any major investment except the ability to create badbuzz using the SEO techniques mentioned above built around of a brand or a company to then use it by invoking the excellent alibi of consumer protection and prevention.

This is a formidable way to blackmail reputation companies, it allows referencing on Google cheaper, Finally, it is a powerful commercial tool for collecting new members for UFC Que Choisir and the checks that go with it...

In short some individuals ofUFC Que Choisir carried by the arrogance and certainties of those who have perhaps never worked. They thus think that, as in the time of the serfs, contractors can be worked at will and replaceable in the event of "extinction"...

Finally a bitter report is essential after this unpleasant experience with the first association of France, UFC Que Choisir and his teams are just attracted by the media lawsuits and the BUZZ. Consequently the destruction of hundreds of TPE see from SME and the jobs that come with it and the last of their worries.

Criticism might at a pinch be acceptable if it came from organizations setting an example of good conduct.

Employees of UFC Que Choisir shallent show a minimum of ethics and deontology in the exercise of their mission of consumer protection this would greatly reduce the number of unnecessary disputes with E-merchants.

BUT is there an economic interest? because it would mean less sales of memberships and magazines in the short term but certainly a strong credibility with the new generations and a guaranteed sustainability.

In short, methods and practices within the "consumer" WEB forums of this association to be reviewed urgently, E merchants are less and less fooled by the manipulation of E reputation and the bad buzz techniques of these platforms which only benefit their financial interests and certainly not consumers and even less online businesses...


  1. If you have been a victim of the massive denigration site Signal Scams and alias very successful advertising business for its manager, more and more lawyers are specializing in the fight against this type of parasitic website:


  2. For defenders of rights on various subjects they do not respond to e-mails, they allow themselves to cash the special shipping check before shipping when two are missing!!!!

    I absolutely do not recommend!
    Big scam to avoid

    Jean-Michel T
    1. Ditto order from a magazine not delivered not refunded they cash the checks then nothing!

      I join the dissatisfied people who had an unpleasant experience with UFC What to choose???

      Useless association these days you can quickly evaluate a product on the internet without having to pay for a membership or magazines!! I got screwed ???

      I don't recommend unless you love paying for imaginary services! do not rely on Trustpilot reviews of UFC What to choose with a paid account you can have positive Reviews on this platform !!!

  3. Useless association in the era of the internet and product price comparison available in a few clicks!

    The worst UFC What to choose is outdated and the leaders don't even realize it they continue to operate with software from the 80s?

    This dinosaur will disappear with the last retirees who animate it to take care of the public money thrown out the window?

    I recommend not incredible waste of time, incompetent and bad faith staff just interested in the membership check the article is perfectly right on this point …

    Movie theater
  4. Desiring advice on the choice of a printer, and agreeing to subscribe, to obtain them, I note that UFC-QC conditions my registration on the acceptance that my contact details are communicated to third parties! Unacceptable, even if other sites like pagesjaunes do not hesitate to cheerfully spread your addresses throughout the whole world. Fckthm.

  5. It is good to know that for a dispute, to benefit from a meeting in a local association of UFC, it will cost you 30€ in addition to your membership in the UFC site, before meeting someone.
    This information does not appear on the site, which totally lacks transparency on this subject. I strongly advise against the UFC de Paris Ouest association, rue de l'Ouest in PARIS 14, which really looks like a club for volunteer seniors, but above all very idle!!!

  6. 2 times I called on them, 2 times they kindly told me that they would do nothing. In the end I had to pay more than 3000e.

    Namely that if you get scammed, go see a real lawyer directly. Their magazine is good, their service and staff is rotten!! Useless organism.

    1. deplorable incapacity and lies of all kinds. I had the same experience with a local UFC branch..

  7. “Que Betray” completely useless before a purchase
    I take a one-month subscription to choose a fridge-freezer and when I go to their comparison, many models are labeled “end of life”, most of those listed are too.
    Those that are currently found and that interest me do not appear there.
    Out of curiosity, I consult the wine cellars: the comparison dates from 2013, isn't that making fun of the world?
    I already had an unfavorable opinion because for wine, they defended the reasoned agriculture set up by Monsanto and co to compete with organic (denigrated at the time by Que Choisir.)
    They were called "Que betrayer" by Stéphane Lhomme because they defended Linky but they were judge and party and they lost their 2 lawsuits against him.
    Indeed “that to betray” defines them well.
    7 € thrown out the window for this pseudo-independent media which, as I have just proved, is not.

    1. Easy answer scam artists?

      1. A curiously too kind association with the industrialists since on quechoisir.org it chooses too much, for example, to rate AVENE SUNSIMED sun protection as AAAA even though it contains the famous dreadful nano-particles!!! It's swollen! Especially since it's babies and pregnant women who are going to toast!… And to think that we read “independent” in our wine glasses…!

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