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Whether at home, in your vacation home or in the woods, enjoy the full entertainment provided by the projectors anytime and anywhere. Shoppydeals has selected a wide range of video projectors with a good quality-price ratio.

5 Best Value Projectors on Shoppydeals

1- Epson EH-TW7000 3-LCD-3D Projector 3000 White 

Recreate the big screen experience at home for your movies, sports programs and video games with this affordable 4K PRO-UHD projector.

This 4K PRO-UHD projector offers premium features at an affordable price. Enjoy the latest 4K content, with superior image quality and a maximum screen size of 500″. The image is easily aligned with Lens Shift, optical zoom and keystone correction functions. Enjoy 4K content and connect to streaming services, Blu-ray players, video game consoles and more through HDMI ports.

Epson EH-TW7000 3-LCD-3D-Projector 3000 White - Shoppydeals


Epson EH-TW7000. 3000 ANSI lumens projector brightness, 3LCD projection technology, 4K (4096 x 2400) native projector resolution. Type of light source Lamp, Service life of light source 3500 h, Service life of light source (economic mode) 5000 h. Focus Manual, Focal length 18.2 – 29.2 mm, Aperture range 1.49 – 1.77. Supported 3D technologies Samsung Active 3D, Supported 3D formats Side by side, Top and bottom, Supported graphics resolutions 3840 x 2160. Interface type serial RS-232C

Epson EH-TW7000 3-LCD-3D-Projector 3000 White - Shoppydeals
Epson EH-TW7000 3-LCD-3D-Projector 3000 White - Shoppydeals

With the spotlights Epson Pro-UHD 4K, you get a comprehensive approach to image performance in addition to the ability to receive, process and project 4K content.

2- InFocus IN2139WU DLP-3D Projector

Superior lens performance, brighter-than-ever images, comprehensive networking capabilities, and room-filling internal audio, all in a projector designed to work seamlessly with the devices you already use.

The InFocus LightPro Advanced DLP Series projector combines stellar image performance, long lamp life and low cost with the ability to create a more powerful and dynamic educational experience. Simply insert your Google ChromeCast, Intel Computer Stick, Android solution or other devices into the projector's internal TechStation HDMI 1.4 bay and turn your projector into an all-in-one class solution.


Infocus IN2139WU. Projector brightness 4500 ANSI lumens, DLP projection technology, Native projector resolution WUXGA (1920×1200). Type of light source Lamp, Service life of light source 5000 h, Service life of light source (economic mode) 10000 h. Focus Manual, Zoom Type Manual, Throw Ratio 1.121 – 1.471. RS-232 serial interface type. Sound level 21 dB, Certification UL and c-UL (US/Canada), FCC (US/Canada), CE (Europe), CCC+CECP (China), KCC (Korea), IRAM…

3- Acer X128HP Projector

Even brighter projections thanks to the X128HP projector. Enjoy clear, bright images, even in medium-sized, well-lit rooms, with brightness up to 4000 lumens. Enjoy true-to-life colors with Acer LumiSense™, ColorBoost3D™ and Color Safe II, while Acer BlueLightShield™ technology keeps your eyes safe.

Acer X128HP Projector - Shoppydeals


Acer X128HP, Basic. Projector brightness 4000 ANSI lumens, DLP projection technology, Native projector resolution XGA (1024×768). Type of light source Lamp, Service life of light source 6000 h, Service life of light source (economic mode) 10000 h. Focal Length 21.85 – 24.01mm, Aperture Amplitude 21.85 – 24.01, Throw Ratio 1.94 to 2.16 (1295.40mm @ 2000mm). Analog signal format system NTSC,PAL,SECAM, Supported graphics resolutions 1024 x 768 (XGA),1920 x 1200 (WUXGA). Projection Modes Ceiling, Front, Rear, Compatible Operating Systems Mac PC, Windows PC

Acer X128HP Projector - Shoppydeals
Acer X128HP Projector - Shoppydeals

Acer ColorBoost3D™

Reproduce true-to-life colors and breathtakingly bright images with Acer ColorBoost3D™ technology.

Acer BlueLightShield™

Protect your eyes from eye strain with Acer BlueLightShield™ technology.

4- BenQ GS2 LED Projector

The BenQ GS2 knows how to make your outdoor activities more enjoyable. Well adapted to weather and environmental changes, the BenQ GS2 meets the needs of your whole family.

BenQ GS2 LED Projector - Shoppydeals

Drop-proof up to 0.5 m:

The unibody structure and rubber surface design make the BenQ GS2 a sturdy companion for outdoor activities.

IPX2 splashproof

IPX2 certified, the GS2 is protected against light drizzle and spilled water, making it perfect for outdoor use.

bluetooth speaker

Turn your tent into a festival with the built-in 2 watt Bluetooth speaker.

BenQ GS2 LED Projector - Shoppydeals
BenQ GS2 LED Projector - Shoppydeals

A great companion for children

Keep the kids entertained while you go about your daily business. The safety features of the GS2 protect children's eyes while providing many types of fun and creative edutainment content.

BenQ GS2 LED Projector - Shoppydeals


Benq GS2. Projector brightness 500 ANSI lumens, DLP projection technology, Native projector resolution 1080p (1920×1080). Light source type LED, Lifetime of light source 20000 h, Lifetime of light source (economic mode) 30000 h. Manual Focus, Manual Zoom Type, Shift 100%. Analog Signal Format System NTSC,NTSC 4.43,PAL,PAL 60,PAL M,PAL N,SECAM, Video Modes Supported 480i,480p,576i,576p,720p,1080i,1080p. HDMI 1.4a version

5- AZEUS RD-822 Projector

For small budgets, Shoppydeals has selected this AZEUS RD-822 video projector. It delivers razor sharp and stunning 4000 Lumens brightness with 1280*720P native resolution, 1920x1080P support resolution.

Built-in powerful speakers (5W) which will bring you a shocking experience while watching. Best choice for home movies, parties, football nights, etc.

AZEUS RD-822 Projector - Shoppydeals

Easy smartphone connection

Simply connect your iPhone/iPad with a Lightning to HDMI adapter (for iOS) or a Micro USB/Type C to HDMI adapter (for Android). The adapter is not included.

Incredible low noise

Thanks to the dual-fan design and the application of innovative materials, the AZEUS RD-822 projector offered impressive heat dispersion and low noise.

AZEUS RD-822 Projector - Shoppydeals
AZEUS RD-822 Projector - Shoppydeals

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