Auto Ranging Electrical Digital Multimeter

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  • Item Type: Digital Multimeter
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Display Type: Digital Display
  • DC Voltage: 19.999mV/199.99mV/1.9999V/19.999V/199.99V/1000V
  • AC Voltage: 19.999mV/199.99mV/1.9999V/19.999V/199.99V/750ACV
  • Operating Mode: Auto/Manual Ranging
  • Measuring Resistance Range: 199.99/1.9999K/19.999k/199.99k/1.9999M/19.999M/199.99M
  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 40 ℃
  • AC Current: (199.99-1999.9)uA/(19.999-199.99)mA/1.9999-199.99uA
  • DC Current: (199.99-1999.9)uA/(19.999-199.99)mA/1.9999-199.99uA
  • Measuring Capacitance Range: 9.999nF/99.99nF/999.9nF/9.999uF/99.99uF/999.9uF/9.999MF
  • Frequency: 99.99Hz/999.9Hz/9.999KHz/99.99KHz/999.9KHz/9.999MHz
  • Temperature: -20~1000C/-4~1832F
  • NCV: Yes
  • Auto-Power Off: Yes
  • Battery Type: 2 x 1.5V AA (Not Included)
  • Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 45 mm
  • Features: Digital Multimeter, Electrical Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging Multimeter, Battery-Powered Multimeter, Multimeter with LCD Display


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  1. A***v

    Like norms cartoon


  2. S***v

    Excellent cartoon, I order the second time from this store. The first served four years with faith and truth. All functions work. Sent fast delivery to 35 region two weeks. Track number was tracked all over, received in the mail. Who doubts, take it will not regret.


  3. I***v

    The device priishov at M ‘yacho packi, the device itself in a handbag. Not zvazhayuchi on those prishov we are, all pratsiuya. Without pleasure to Van Mene, thinking of the SHCH stealing Booth of the Windows bside ZT-X.


  4. G***a

    Delivery time 43 days from the date of ordering. The purchase price was $26.73 including shipping. I can recommend the product and the store.


  5. I***o

    Came about three weeks before the Urals. Completeness and appearance correspond to the description. The contrast of the screen seemed low. The backlight shines dead, does not blind in the dark 🙂 The speed of reaction in the mode of calls is not high, if you quickly tweet feel about each other, then it does not have time to kick, unlike a cheap one. In general, while without much delight-for the current price (I took for 2300 rubles) I probably do not recommend, and if it can be found for 1700 -1800 rubles,,,,


  6. A***v

    Cool multimeter. Everything is in the kit. Everything works, the testimony does not cause complaints. Recommend. For those who resent scratched displays-remove the protective film, it is there.


  7. V***k

    выглядит хорошо не проверял


  8. K***m

    아직 써보진 않음. 기본 배터리 없음.


  9. S***y

    Thank you. Fast shipping.


  10. D***v

    работает все. пришло за 3 недели


  11. S***r

    Delivery fast, 11. 11 – 23.11. Everything is packed in a bag and a paper bag with pupyrki. The equipment fully corresponds to the declared.-multimeter, probes with wires, a thermal sensor and a bag. No damage. The parameters correspond to the declared errors. But like any other multimeters, this price category, and the next, has not great shortcomings. The probes are simple, even there is no mark of the limit over current, the wires blow in the cold. We need to replace Selecon. Hidden wiring in the wall does not see (it can be seen deeply lying). Yes, and in general, this system is more designed to determine the presence or absence of voltage in isolated wires. Looking in the wall is a marketing move. If slightly tapping your finger on the end of the multimeter will ring and show the presence of voltage. In general, the device is excellent, 5 with a small minus. The store and the store I advise. Multimeter RM 219 also advise to buy. Thank you.


  12. A***h

    Fast. Second. 33 µF at 450 V and 1000 µF at 10 v.


  13. J***e

    생각보다 큽니다. 그리고 주황색 커버가 딱딱해서 본체의 일부분인줄 알고 왜 케이스가 없지라고 생각했습니다. 그런데 케이스를 벗긴 유튜브 영상을 보고 나서 케이스를 벗겨서 퓨즈를 교환했습니다. 교류 전압을 측정할 때 프로브를 콘센트에 삽입하고 흔들림이 없는데 여러번 측정할 때마다 측정값이 많이 차이가 납니다. 내가 하는 측정하는 방법이 이상한 건지 정식 측정방법이 있는지 궁금합니다.


  14. D***i

    Great Multimeter


  15. O***K

    The ring and resistance are conveniently placed on one position, you do not need to constantly pull the switch. Call without delays, measure resistance on auto-2-3 sec, but you can specify limits. At the lowest limit shows up to a hundred ohms. The buttons have a clear move, not tight.


  16. E***v

    Thank u! Promptly and qualitatively, very nice


  17. D***v

    Everything works. We take the second multimeter.


  18. P***v

    Multimeter-fire. Especially when I got for 1549 rubles. True, Joy was marred-the resistance measurement range did not work out of the box. Even zero was not exposed in closed probes and inside the body clearly something flew. Opened-flew the fallen self-tapping of the board. 3 racks of 6, where the self-screws were screwed when assembled in the factory (rolled). That is, the fee did not hold at all. The post is also a rack, where the self-locking of the body covers is screwed. The store agreed to send a new face. While I’m waiting, stuck bandages on the rack and use (everything worked). The probes had a resistance of 0,5 ohms. Slightly sanded with a Emery of 400 grit, wipe with a degreaser-became 0,01 ohms. Recommend.


  19. A***n

    For a long time I wanted such a tester. to Barnaul delivery twenty days. took with all the discounts for a thousand seven hundred. and for two hundred would not take. Watched a video where it shows that this is the latest development of Chinese engineers. I think so. It turns out this is the most “cool” tester for a thousand seven hundred. I think if it hadn’t been for the ruble, it would have been even cheaper. I need it for work. only need to buy a set of silicone probes to work in a cold room. I will operate on full, after a couple of months I will write if they do not remove. The main thing is how the device behaves during daily operation. That’s what he was buying for.


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