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[High Material] Made of durable and high-precision stainless steel. Professional barber scissors, durable, meticulous workmanship, good sharpness, especially using ice forging. Suitable for oriental body shape and feel.

[Ergonomic Design] Due to the comfortable arc-shaped handle, the hairdressing scissors suit is more labor-saving and reducing hand fatigue.

[Professional Scissors]This professional scissors can easily create a perfect trim, avoid damage or split ends, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, and non-fading

[Gentle and Skin-friendly] Durable and good performance, our scissors are professionally coated to prevent steel from rusting and will not harm sensitive skin

[Wide Use] Professional scissors are suitable for trimming, shaping, combing and thinning hair, large beards or synthetic wigs. 


Size: 6.0 inches

Total length: 17.5cm

Material: 2CR

Hardness: 55HRC

Thinning rate: 20%o-30%

Functional: Professional barber scissors, durable, meticulous workmanship, good sharpness, especially using ice forging. Suitable for oriental body shape and feel.

Precautions for use

1. Do not loosen the screws on the scissors during use.

2. When opening and closing the scissors, if you press down with your thumb, it is very likely that the frying knife will move in an unbalanced manner, which will accelerate the loss of the scissors. So please try to avoid pressing down the scissors when trimming.

3. When you are not using scissors, please keep your scissors in a box or on a knife holder.

4. When trimming, the hair may accidentally get caught in the bolts of the scissors. You can apply a little lubricant to the surface of the knife.

5. Although the material used in our scissors will not rust, please keep the scissors away from chemicals or avoid exposure to water, because chemicals may affect the surface of the blade, and be careful with hair conditioning or hair care products Get the scissors. As a result, it is less likely to scratch or bruise the scissors.

Daily maintenance of scissors

1. After using the scissors, please wipe with sheepskin. If you neglect the maintenance procedures, it will affect the sharpness of the scissors, or unnatural force action will also bring unbalanced pressure on the scissors mouth. It is the main reason that the scissors are easy to wear.

2. The best way to clean the scissors is to wipe it from the tip of the knife to the other end with a soft sheepskin cloth. Place your thumb on top of the blade and wipe outwards.

3. The thinning scissors are also cleaned in the same way, above the knife surface, and then wipe outwards, and the part of the knife teeth is also cleaned from the inside to the outside.

4. Use a soft cloth to clean the scissors several times a day, but of course the frequency of cleaning still depends on the number of times you use it in a day. When wiping, fold the soft cloth two to four times to avoid hurting yourself during the cleaning process.

Package Includes:

1*Flat shear

1*Tooth shear

1*Leather bag





When you start to use the new scissors, remember not to cut it empty. We recommend that you avoid trimming hair that is too thick at the beginning. Please cut soft hair at least 5-10 times (whether wet or dry). Each cut is a straight cut. Remember to clean the whole body of the scissors with a soft sheepskin cloth after each use.

After cutting the hair of about 10-20 people, you can start to design styles such as sliding or cutting hair.


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