Pack I MARRON – 100 x Enveloppes à bulles 320x455mm

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We present the new TAP Comebag brown – bubble envelopes in line with the idea of sustainable development. The new paper contains up to 100% recycled fibres, including 80% recycled PCR paper obtained from post-consumer recycled! Newspapers, brochures, our children’s drawings and even a piece of paper with a shopping list can become the raw material for the TAP Comebag bubble mailers. Thanks to the use of this unique paper, you can touch ecology by taking our envelope in your hand.

What you should know about the new brown bubble envelopes?
The most sustainable mailer on the market.
Paper contains up to 100% recycled fibers, including 80% post-consumer waste paper.
Reduced carbon footprint.
Reduced consumption of non-renewable raw materials through the use of a circular economy mode.
Appealing recycled image for environmentally conscious consumers.
Designed to be recycled.
TAP ? Comebag Ocean green with 95% recycled content is unique on the market!
Dedicated boxes for white and brown TAP Comebag mailers – easy to identify in the warehouse because of the color of the box and big figures.
No thermal labels on carboard boxes (no contamination of cardboard for future recycling process).

Dimensions internes 300 x 445 mm
Dimensions externes 320 x 455 mm
The all in one classic mailer
Cutted flap
Reseal tap
44 mic bubble film
Min. 91% recycled
Peel&seal stripe
80 gsm paper FSC 100% recycled includes 80% PCR
Strong welding on edges

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